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Goals & Purposes the ZDS stands for: Shaping the future

"The best way to predict the future is to shape it." These words of the politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner Willy Brandt (1913-92) inspires and demonstrates what goals for us in the ZDS means: Shaping the future. Get to know our goals or join them: As chimney sweep women, chimney sweeps and as members of the ZDS.
To openly view, recognize and shape the future, the ZDS performs many tasks. As a union, we conclude collective agreements and support our members in labor and social law. In addition, as a professional association, we also attach great importance to good education, training and further education in the truest sense of the word. With the personal commitment of many members and a broad commitment on all levels, we are committed to environmental protection and environmental protection. We clearly associate this central theme with the future of our honorable profession of chimney sweep. For this and many other highly relevant topics and informative added value, we publish the trade journal "Der Schornsteinfeger" eleven times a year. In combination with many, regional newsletters on current topics, we keep our members informed and fully up to date with the latest information.
The main goals and tasks of the ZDS can hardly be summarized clearly, because with heart, commitment and enthusiasm we devote ourselves to many, important and constantly current challenges. Nevertheless, we want to dare and present some, particularly important aspects of our commitment and our offerings and tasks as the Central Association of German Chimney Sweeps e.V. and as Trade Union Association:
  • We want to achieve full employment in the chimney sweep industry;
  • Improving income, training and working conditions by concluding collective agreements and affecting legislation and public authorities is our ongoing goal and central task;
  • It's our turn: to influence the design of professional regulations;
  • The human being at the center: humanization of the working world, humane design of the workplace, improvement of health and safety at work;
  • Active 6 on site: support of the committees of committees and self-governing bodies;
  • Adding value Increasing knowledge: education and training for members in the fields of education, training and further education;
  • Actively shaping the future: design and participation as a trade association in the continuation of the technical development of the chimney sweep trade;
  • Be a contact person & remain: participation in the self-governing bodies in the social and craft sector;
  • Transparency, openness & information: public relations and information of the members;
  • Promotion of trade union and democratic coexistence;
  • Promotion of fire, pollution, nature and environmental protection and support of appropriate measures
  • So much at a glance: publication of the journal.
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